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this hour. i want to go next to gary tuchman at a vigil wrapping up in the dorchester neighborhood. gary, tell us about what you've seen. >> the candle light vigil has come to an end, but people don't want to leave just yet. a sense of community and togetherness that's taken place here. and this was an amazing gathering because there were probably about 1,100 or 1,200 people here, this was all word of mouth. people came with their candles and honored the three people who have died so far in this catastrophe. and also, pledged togetherness to the people who have suffered so much. whose loved ones are in the hospital and people who are suffering. we are only about a five-minute drive away from the home of martin richard, the 8-year-old victim, the youngest victim of the terrible bombing yesterday. and that's why it was set up here. but they were here to remember and honor everyone on this very difficult day. people right now just don't want to leave even though it's been over for the last 15 minutes. anderson? >> yeah. and we're going to have more about martin richard, 8 years old, one of
thinks may be behind some of these shootings. gary tuchman joins us shortly with another new angle, one you will only see here. >>> now to our top story tonight. also a "360" exclusive. dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's former physician, a man with the training to save lives and the solemn duty to preserve it. the question is, did he fail on both counts? a jury thought so, convicted him of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. he is appealing that verdict, even as a civil lawsuit begins today. jackson's mother and children are suing the concert promoter aeg live with big money at stake. dr. murray could be at the center of that trial, if he's willing to testify. tonight, only on "360" his first interview since being imprisoned. first, randi kaye has the background starting with that fateful call to 911. >> reporter: the desperate 911 call came from inside michael jackson's rented mansion. it was just before 12:30 p.m., june 25th, 2009 in los angeles. >> he's pumping his chest but he's not responding to anything, sir. >> reporter: the king of pop's heart had stoppe
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at this prom hall, no matter what the color of your skin. xw gary tuchman, cnn, rochelle, georgia. >> it's amazing this day and age. what do they think they're teaching the kids, that's okay? >> the idea that it took the students to make this happen and not the parents and not the teachers. >> great message, they're rising above it. >> it's always the youth making the major changes. we can't break punch together and dance together? good for the students putting together this integrated prom. >>> this bridge new meaning of driving with the top down. you'll see this bridge in north carolina is turning trucks into convertibles whether they want it or not. do something, dad! aaaah! aaaah! what is happening? they're rate suckers. their bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. good thing there's snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. stop paying for rate suckers. try snapshot free at thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you w
overdue is an understatement. but some people in town are not breaking with tradition. gary tuchman reports. >> reporter: these teenagers are attempting to do something that's never been done before in tiny wilcox, georgia. >> we're basically making history in wilcox county. >> this prom is integrated. >> reporter: wilcox county high has never an integrated prom. instead, for as long as anyone remembers, there has been one prom for white kids, and one prom for black kids. there will still be a white prom this year. but these teens are organizing another prom, that welcomes kids from all races. >> we share everything else together, why not have this one moment that means the world to us together. >> reporter: after segregation in schools was ruled illegal over 60 years ago in this country, many schools stopped sponsoring proms so they wouldn't have to worry about privately organized high school proms. proms remain privately sponsored here. at this bar, some say it's just a matter of tradition. >> if they want to get together to have a prom, they should be able to do it. the blacks sh
in west, texas. he talked with gary tuchman >> boston testeand he was 10 ftt 10 ft. from the explosion. she was not injured. >> the person standing behind me in boston was so maine. >> amy did not know where her husband was and she could not reach him on her cell. in line >> amy went back to their hotel. >> i was just hoping that he would be at the hotel when i got there. >> husband i was so happy that we found each other. and we were not injured. >> joe and amy flew back to texas on tuesday to reunite with their children. >> jill had to drive through this town in texas and he was minutes away from the fertilizer plant. he was stunned to see huge plumes of smoke. >> i saw a fireball and a cloud of smoke. and then the explosion went off. the explosion shook my car as i was driving. i heard something hit the top of my car. >> were you thinking to yourself i just went through this on monday. >> yes i was thinking is this another terrorist attack or a bomb or what is this. it was so massive. >> how older you. can you believe that this happened to you twice in three days. >> i called my wif
's -- you they this was -- this was designed to maim and kill and it did. >> and gary tuchman joinses now from boston's dorchester neighborhood, home to the little boy who died in the blast. i understand the boy's father is something of a community leader, do we know much about that and how he's coping with all of this? >> reporter: well, it's unimaginable how a man copes with this who loses his son, whose wife and whose daughter are in the hospital seriously hurt, and he's home with his other son. i don't know how you cope. also when we cover these stories emotionally very difficult to cover from oklahoma city to 9/ 11, it never gets easier. when we deal with death of children, it's very difficult. that's what we're facing here today. the house behind me, the gray house, that's where 8-year-old martin richard lived. help was a proud son when he went with his mother, brother, sister to see their father run in the boston marathon. a wonderful day. i remember doing that myself rollerblading in a marathon and my 8-year-old daughter years ago met me there and she was proud and i was proud and
of martin richard. he was there with his family to watch the marathon. look at them. cnn's gary tuchman has more on the youngest casualty of this tragedy. >> reporter: this is how martin richard will be remembered. the beaming 8-year-old boy holding the sign in a picture taken last year when he participated in a walk to promote peace in inner city boston. the sign declaring no more hurting people and the word peace. this is also how he'll be remembered. as a brother and son. martin was attending the marathon with his family on monday, the finish line. his father bill and older brother henry on the lower left were not hurt. but his mother denise and younger sister jane were injured. his sister who was a dancer lost her leg and may lose part of the other leg. the father releasing a written statement describing this real-life nightmare. my dear son martin has died from injuries sustained in the attack on boston. my wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries. we thank our family and friends, those with know and though we have never met for their thoughts and prayers. i ask that
's worked in local and federal law enforcement is now at cbs. first the latest from gary tuchman. >> reporter: if law enforcement is anywhere close to solving the case of the murdered district attorney, his wife and his assistant prosecutor, nobody is saying. >> i'm not going to discuss anything about the evidence that's been found, due to the ongoing nation of the investigation. >> reporter: the kaufman county sheriff's office and fbi are staying very tight-lipped about virtually everything in these investigations, including the evidence. although we saw deputies checking on tire tracks and skid marks about a block away from the home of district attorney mike mcclelland and his wife cynthia. deputies announced an arrest but for something else. nick morales charged with making a terroristic threat and being held on a $1 million bond. >> during the course of the investigation, into the murders of mike and cynthia mcclelland, a threat against the safety of a county official was received. the threat was then investigated, leading to the arrest of mr. morales at a location in kaufman
the boston marathon bombings. gary tuchman has his incredible story. >> reporter: joe and amy look at this at a very different advantage point than others, so unique it is hard to contempl e contemplate. >> we feel blessed we are both okay and that we're sitting here talking to you today. >> reporter: joe's story begins last week in boston. he was running for a charity. this picture was taken at the finish line just seconds after he crossed. >> amy was 10 feet from the first explosion. >> reporter: was wife was very close, but not injured. meanwhile amy had no idea where her husband was and grew panicked when she couldn't reach him on his cell. >> it was the worst hour of my life. >> reporter: amy went back to her hotel. >> i opened the door to our hotel room and thank god there he was. >> tell me how you felt when you saw her. >> it was incredible. we were both very happy we had found each other. not knowing was the worst thing. >> reporter: joe and amy through back to texas to reunit with their children. joe had a business trip so he drove from austin to dallas. to get back to a
mclegm mclegal mclelland and hasse. a neighbor tells gary tuchman that he knows for a fact that mcclelland had guns in his home at the time that he was killed. >> you know that? >> absolutely. >> how do you know that? >> we are part of a pistol club and he's been to meetings that i've been to. so, yeah, i know that he had guns. >> even more incredible, that neighbor was awake the night that those two were killed and said he never heard any gunshots. his dogs never even barked. just makes the mystery all more compelling. joining me is robert, the texas district and county association that offers training assistance. sir, i take it you know a thing or two about the potential threats out there when your job is to put away bad people. have you had anything in your past that is anything like the threats that these prosecutors may now be facing? >> you know, i'm not sure. prosecutors in texas are very used to threats. our job is to put away and to really make a lot of people mad at us so the truth is, it's kind of common that you get threats. i've had threats as a prosecutor in texas. i
. >> and that joe did. returning home to a wife and children who want him to city around for a while. >> gary tuchman joins me live from west in texas. i understand you're outside of an inner faith memorial service for the victims right now. tell me about it. people are coming out in a very touching service. they call it a service of healing and thanksgiving. it was run by muslim, hindu and the high faiths. it was very emotional. there were seven first responders inside who got applause from the hundreds of people who were inside the church. i do want to update you about the investigation. as we speak there are a dozen state and federal investigators on the scene trying to figure out how the fire started. we also know the death toll has gone from 14 to 15. the latest person to be added to this the death toll was a man who lived at a nursing home who was destroyed. here was a man who almost lived to a century and died this way. it's so horrifying and pitiful. back to you. >> yeah, president obama will be in waco on thursday for the big memorial service there. gary, i appreciate it. i just had
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in fear. gary tuchman, cnn, kaufman, texas. >> the fear that gary spoke of has already played out in a federal prosecutor's decision to pullot out of a racketeering case, the aryan brother hood of texas. jay heilmann citing security concerns in an e-mail. the dallas morning news reports a prosecutor from washington will now take over. that and the rest. plenty of talk about with senior correspondent john miller, formerly of the fbi and lapd and senior legal analyst and former prosecutor, jeffrey toobin. what do you make of where this investigation is? >> two big themes here. one is the aryan brotherhood, which is kind of the big conspiracy theme, which is turning into, as the investigation progresses, the less likely scenario. and two is the person who had some grudge against that district attorney's office and particularly against those two men. the district attorney and his deputy. >> any evidence that you're hearing that it's connected to the killing in colorado? >> they ran all the traps on that through the colorado authorities, denver fbi, houston fbi, the texas prison people
the church to a nearby park. gary tuchman was there most of the day, people dropping flowers and stuffed animals. when you have an 8-year-old boy standing near the finish line. with his parents, that could have been any one of us. >> what a sad, sad story indeed. i
's what richard's family is dealing with. obviously that devastating loss. gary tuchman now is live in dorchester with their story. gary? >> reporter: hi, anderson. this house behind me, this gray house, is where the richard family lives. very happy family, very popular, the neighbors speak very highly of them. yesterday, bill richard, the husband of the house, left early in the morning to go to hopkinton to run the race and the other four members of the family, his wife, his two sons, and his daughter went to the prudential center, john hancock building area of boylston street, where the finish line has been for dozens and dozens of years for the boston marathon to wait for the dad to cross. that's when disaster struck for this family. little martin richard, 8 years old, killed when he went to greet his father, after his father finished the boston marathon, should have been a wonderful, unforgettable moment for the family, instead it is unforgettable in a different way. the family released a picture of their little boy. and this picture shows him like lots of other little kids here
with gary tuchman about nearly as getting both. >> this man looks at the disasters in boston and west texas different than others. it is hard to contemplate. they look back with a deep sense of gratitude. >> we feel blessed with a bouquet and we're sitting here talking to you today. >> his story began last monday in boston. the texas resident was running in his first marathon for charity called stibine for children. this picture was taken at the finish line just seconds after he crossed. >> i was 10 ft. from a first explosion. his wife annie was very close but not injured. that does not seem to make any sense when the person who was standing beside me in boston was so maimed. >> meanwhile, and he had no idea where her house was. she panicked when she could not reach him on his cell phone before if for an hour it was the worst hour of my life. i did not know if he was dead or alive. she went back to the hotel. i prayed up the elevator to let him be ok. when ike saw him i said thank god there it was. >> it was a credible we were both happy we have found each other. the not knowing was the wor
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)